This might be a long post but I really hope it is not, it is important to me that I share this.

In March 2012, we found out we were pregnant, though unexpected, it was appreciated and I must say it was a mix feeling of excitement and anxiety, We were gonna have a baby!!!!! I met Mrpossible 2years prior to that(I should write an article on how I met him sef#thinkingaloud) and all we knew was how to take care of ourselves, that is, look good for each other and dress to impress, so when I realized we were gonna get married, I got all this new wife’s clothes from bum shorts to ‘open back’ and lots more, that I would use to do ‘hot new wife’ for him( you know when you are about to get married, you kind of just think all you would be doing is wearing hot clothes and roaming the house)…lol.well, that was before we found out we were pregnant, I had barely scratched the surface of all I bought, heck! We just came back from honeymoon and by our calculation we got pregnant the week we got married(hehehehe sharp Guy!)

Bum shorts were the least of my problems as I was sick all the time, I couldn’t keep anything in and if  I had bigger clothes than Mrpossible’s, I would definitely wear them. After the baby, I must confess, I let go,  it was a little here and a little there for me, today, I make an effort and tomorrow, I do nothing, can you remember my post of look good wherever you go,there was so much to adjust to, new wife,motherhood,my new body and I just forgot to take care of myself…Why I am taking you through memory lane is because, everywhere I go now, everyone is complimenting my looks, the way I dress, some cannot believe I am a mother of two and  same friends that complained about my dress sense after birth of BabyJ  are now complimenting me after Lady A’s birth, you may ask how and why the change? I would tell you in my next post , so you do not get bored with a long post….Muah!