I am going through a phase with my first daughter, babyJ, all of a sudden she is rejecting my kisses, though she would come and lay one on me randomly, but she better be the one to initiate it. She is picking her clothes out most of the time and cries so hard if I want to change a thing. The outfit selection started out as cute but by the time it started making us go late on outings, I almost couldn’t hold it, she would go ” the blue one, the blue one! the blue one!! and burst into tears if I don’t understand, finally, I make her get it and then she is satisfied, when it comes to dressing her up, Oh Lord! That is another drama, she wants to do it herself and sometimes she ends up putting her two legs in one part of the trousers, or wears it inside-out and there is a fight to correct that”No mummy,don’t do that”(Sticking out her little fingers in warning)..In some way she is passing a message that, my help is not needed as before, it has started to dawn on me that my little girl may not need me as much as she once did and a sense of irrelevance is kicking in…{boohoohoo}. Before you know,she would tell me she needs her privacy and next thing, she is getting married!! lol.   IMG_7257 I have got a plan to slow down the growing process, she is not going to boarding school at all because I know once she lives, it is over, I won’t have her for about six months in a year, university would be like three months and she would later come home one day to say she is getting married, then it will hit me hard that my baby is leaving the home for good and all of a sudden, I would realize the time spent with her was not enough, so I am going to slow the process for now but before then let me take one day at a time…lol. What are your kids up to nowadays? Do you have mixed feelings about their growing up?