Happy New Year Lovelies!!! Yes, it your girl, Obee and I cannot believe it is the beginning of another year…What are your plans for this year, have you written them down at least and have you marked out how you want to achieve this plans? In all honesty, none of us can grow by wishing or day dreaming, so let us put some work to those plans and be intentional as we work at making each goal a reality. I know you might have done a lot last year and it did not go as you would have wanted or maybe you started and you got overwhelmed with your wifely, parenting and career duties. but this is a new year, let us start over, pushing through all the various distractions, knowing failure is not an option. Loads of things are going down this year on bride2mom blog and I am super excited that i want to spill it all but let us take it one day at a time, shall we? Am I the only one who thinks that the day kids resume school should be celebrated by mothers, I personally feel we should gather around, take a picture or something to commemorate the day, not because we do not love our kids but because most of us can plan a better routine while they are in school. Some of us might be able to sleep longer without thinking “why the child is quiet in the other room?”, some of us almost had panic attack when we didn’t t see them in the neighbours house they said they would be at and some of us have pretty much run out of ideas to keep this kids entertained. For me, this holiday made me know how much my kids say ‘mummy’ in a day and I kid you not, it is a lot!!!! even when their dad is there, they just keep calling me, I had to remind them they can also ask their dad the same questions and  sometimes Mr.Possible would say, just ask me, they would but the next minute, they are back asking me questions again. Why??!! We have spent most Christmas’s with their grand parents that during those holidays, by the time they have called their aunties and uncle, grandpa and grandma, I receive a moderate amount of calls from them. This holiday we spent at home, everything was mummy this, mummy that with loads of repetitions of the same thing or is it when I say ‘okay watch some television’ so I can buy some time, they still  try to tell me the story while they are watching and they come to me when i am busy, to say “mummy I want to tell you something” after I drop everything and answer, guess what? They either forget, ask me nothing or  or ask me something i just answered earlier, so even though the holiday was good and great fun, I am excited about the resumption and looking forward to it. Cheers to every mum who has handled the holiday with grace, please drink a glass of wine on me, because i shall have some cocktails tomorrow hehehehe. For the lovely teachers ready to receive our kids today at school, we cannot thank you enough, I love kids but taking care of children can be  very very demanding. Can we all do some thing  nice today as we drop our kids in school? Let us give those teachers hugs, appreciate them and plan very well, not to make their lives difficult this term. I would love to know, how would you be celebrating as your kids resumes school tomorrow? As for me, I would go treat myself to something really nice. Cheers to an amazing New year guys, Lets chat later. Hugs