Today is my friend’s anniversary, she wrote this for the blog so we can share in their day, this couple they are very amazing, I knew the hubby before the wife and guess what? He introduced me to my husband!!! Thank God o…loll. I got to know her before they got married and she was so sweet and welcoming and has been one of my biggest supporters and friend….Cheers to you guys, many more years. Below is their story:

There are no words to describe my unending crush (friend, boyfriend, fiance and husband).

The story started in 2006 at the University of Benin. I got admission to study business education which was not what I applied for but little did I know that God had plans. I took note of a dark guy that hardly comes for lectures except for exams and test, eventually, it was time to switch courses to a different faculty which we both applied for and that was how we introduced ourselves and got talking.

After a while, we started reading together,  became very good friends. Most times my roommates would say “hmmm this your boyfriend loves you so much” but I just kept defending myself that I can’t date him because he is not my kind of man.

Guess what?! We became lovers,  started sitting together in class, reading together in a particular faculty( pharmacy) I will never forget. Then I had my first kiss which came as a surprise,  I was so shocked, could not raise my eyes to look at his face.

The next day in class I was absent and he tried calling but I didn’t pick his call. I was very shy to look at him so I didn’t bother to attend lectures for a while.

One faithful day, we met in class  and he told me all d sweet things most ladies want to hear and how he won’t let me go, so I accepted and was ready to take this path with him. Our relationship went on sweet, sour, we had quarrels which at that point, I  was stretching him so I see the other side of him (ladies things)

After school we were posted to different states, I  finished my N.Y.S.C, started working, did distant relationship which was not easy and I was always flying for any little holiday. It was sweet,  loving  and unending, as relationship kept growing stronger, then came the proposal, I saw it coming though, and we finally  got married.

Its been 5years and the love still burns and each day leaves good memories behind….