It is two days to St. Valentine’s day and there is some exchanging of gifts to do. Some people are still confused on what to get for their spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends etc…I have not decided on what I would do but will definitely work out something.
Everyone has a love language and if you have read the book ‘Five love languages’ by Gary Chapman it will be easier to know how to tailor whatever you do for your spouse to fit their love language, making your gift really appreciated.

Quality time: Your partner may just need you to spend time with them that day and them alone, no kids, no friends, no calls, no pinging…”just the two of us”. In our daily busy lives, we inadvertently relegate the value of quality time with that special one to the background. It wont be out of place to take a day off work to just celebrate yourselves and what you share.

Words of affirmation:
You may just need to appreciate your lover by saying those sweet words while looking into their eyes, through a well thought out card, a song or better yet a self-composed poem or even through a radio call-in program just to say how much he/she means to you.

Buy something nice for them based on your knowledge of their need or information they have given unknowingly or otherwise.

Acts of service:
Give your partner a day of special treatment – they do absolutely nothing and all you do is cater to them.

Physical touch:
Put your expert skills to work *winks*…either a good (scratch that) great sex/smooching (married couples only) or just holding their hands while taking a stroll, randomly touch them at different times, while they are cooking, doing the dishes, washing the car…you know what I mean-as you are led!

One of these love languages may mean more to your partner than the other so it’s your assignment to find out which and make the best of it (them).

Here are some gift ideas though…

Massage – After a stressful day, you can just do that for her or him. You could also use the services of a professional masseuse.

Cook- I personally find it sexy when my man does this for me, he has done it twice and I appreciated it specially (*winks*).


Rose flower- I think a single Rose looks sexier than a bunch… Oh well I don’t know.

Candle lit dinner in a good restaurant.

A shirt/ dress

A matching bracelet – you could have nice words (name) engraved in it.

His and hers wristwatch.

Give her an off day- A day where she will not do anything- just enjoy!

A pamper him day- from breakfast in bed, massage, and little stuff for him.

A lovely teddy bear for her.

A box of chocolate.

A card with a handwritten note – Most ladies appreciate a handwritten note, it shows the guy gave it a thought.

Hamper- From the boxes of chocolate and teddies to just those little things he or she likes.

A video made of you and partner with some of the good times you’ve shared together.

A scrapbook of your pictures, cards you’ve exchanged and anything that relates to both of you.

A boat cruise

A new car.

A shopping spree

An engagement ring perhaps

Sexy night gown/lingerie-

Then if you guys are adventurous, a treasure hunt at home or in the beach with hidden gifts wont be a bad idea.

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Whatever you choose to do on that day, expensive or cheap, make it thoughtful…