Get your hands dirty!

Last night my baby J told me she wanted a sandwich for breakfast today, so l got up, made her a very juicy sandwich, just the way she likes it. You know the type that when you take a bite, you forget your manners and lick all five fingers😏.  As soon as she took a bite, she said ‘mummy I want to clean my hands, my hands would get dirty, I don’t want my hands dirty’ and I was looking at her like ‘GURLLLLLLLL!  I made the sandwich for you, do you also want me to feed you?

She felt she was too clean to get herself  stained by the sandwich she wanted. She was interested in having the sandwich but not what might come with it?

Isn’t that the problem with most of us today, we want the blessings but we are not ready to do the work. We pray about it, we claim it from scriptures, we shout the highest in church but when it comes to doing the work, we run!

We would rather it is made for us, served to us and fed to us.

Do you really think your job is just to show up and just receive? You love the good life, then do the work and God would bless the works of your hands. That dream, that purpose and goal would only happen when you play your role.

The greatness you need is only pretty on the outside, on the inside, it’s a lot of work .

Get Dirty!