I saw this very lovely meal on my friends page on Facebook and asked her to share, when she sent it to me, I realised there was no story to it, so I asked if there was a story behind the creation of the dish as I believe almost every new idea has a story and here is her story…

I had a job to complete at work and at some point towards the end of the job my brain went ‘ work dead’, in that moment all that came out of it was a list, no steps or procedure, thought I’d make it for dinner as my mum and sister were around…

We later attended a wedding that same day and were too full to take in any extra. A friend made me angry and I felt so bad, took out the anger on this list (I cook when I’m not happy) and made this delicious meal out of it.

My sister, friends and my mum have been on the queue for this recipe, thought to release it to the blog. Above all it was a good adventure, and the list cost me less than a 1,000 naira (I had some at home already).


* Carrots diced / sliced

* 2 Green pepper diced / sliced

* Tatase diced or slice

* Diced onions

* Sausage (optional)

* Shredded chicken or diced chicken

* Potato- 200naira

* Salt

* Ground Pepper (1tsp) optional

* Seasoning of choice (e.g. cubes, curry, thyme, bay leaves, black pepper).

* Soy sauce (light)

* Corn flour (2 tbsp)

* Vegetable oil or olive oil


Step 1: Boil the potato with a little salt, but it shouldn’t be too soft.

Step 2: When boiled,drain and set aside to cool. When cool cut into cube size of choice.

Step 3: In a wok or frying pan, add some vegetable oil or olive oil (low heat), add the diced onions, stir (to ensure it doesn’t burn), add seasoning of choice, salt, pepper, carrots, green pepper, tatase, sausage, shredded/ diced chicken, then the soy sauce, keep stirring.

All this should be on low heat for roughly four minutes, as you would still boil it; this helps to incorporate the taste of your seasoning with the vegetables.

Step 4: In a large pot, add the cubed potatoes, a glass or half a glass of water (depending on how much soup you want, also bear in mind that the soup will thicken), add the vegetables and place on low heat.

Step 5: In a soup bowl, add corn flour and a little water, mix to form a watery paste.

Step 6: Add the corn flour paste to the boiling potato and vegetable mixture, mix all together and leave to boil for a while. Ensure the thickness is what you desire, you could add some more corn flour mixture for thickness or water to make it a little watery.

Here is the result…