It is scary nowadays  when every food you eat there is a publication or two saying what is wrong with the food, nowadays when everyone is saying everything causes cancer, you almost don’t know what to eat and it leaves you  bland or tasteless dishes in the name of health.
My mum came recently for omugwo, I was so excited as I couldn’t wait to eat her rice, her stew and omg!!!!!! her ohwo soup, she makes the best ohwo soup in the world, that is how she started cooking o, I found myself always adding salt, maggi as she was putting close to none,and with every salt and maggi I added, I was schooled on healthy living. She even refused to add potash to the ohwo soup, what is Ohwo soup without potash?(crying)
Fast forward to some weeks later, I hooked up with my friend’s sister who is into wholesome food and as a certified foodie whenever I see her mails with pictures of her wholesome delicacies, I am almost licking my laptop screen, so I decided to try some for myself. MrPossible and I made it to her home and got some goodies; cookies, banana tea cake, muesli and bread,what can I say? Before we made it to the junction, we had finished the cookies, they were so nice that you will not believe they are healthy.  Now you can imagine my joy when she invited MrPossible and I for her daughter’s birthday and the serving was just going to  be wholesome healthy dishes. I almost started a countdown. The day was finally here and nothing was gonna stop me, I left LadyA with my parents and off I went with only one child, I needed to be prepared for what was set before me…lol and the best thing she said to me was “come very hungry!!!!!” Which foodie won’t loooove to hear that?
When we got there we were welcome with Madeleines and a bottle of wine, I don’t know if it was because I was in her home o, but even the wine felt healthy. They gave us five pieces of madeleines( yep! I counted it) so in my head I shared it two each, for hubby and I,so no one will feel cheated, then babyJ would have one, though she was asleep. I took the first bite and the way my teeth sank into the warmth and moist of the snack, I almost curled up in the sofa and would have asked for a glass of warm milk. It was so nice that MrPossible ate the third piece without thinking of his daughter.(who is the foodie now? Men shall become lovers of themselves)
That was just the beginning, then the food arrived in an ‘orishirishi’ manner, there was did I forget to mention Salad(Berries and Green salad and a homemade Mango Vinegarette) I must be in food heaven!
Fried rice and Jollof rice from Whole Grain Brown Rice
Baked and Stewed goat meat and
 Maple Glazed Chicken seasoned with fresh dried herbs and spices
It was a feast! I  would have broken into a song or maybe do a break dance but I just respected myself as I have heard from Mrpossible that my body shakes when I see food, whose body will not shake with this…hahaha. I ate the food and sincerely couldn’t tell the difference and the kicker was when she told me she did not use maggi…say what????!
Round 3 was dessert,
we had healthy ice cream, cake of all sorts, there were different flavours of the ice cream including coffee, coffee was my favourite flavour. I even got a take away of this long ‘cake'( Pistachio Financier) and a large chunk of the birthday cake now when I hear Pistachio on television, I know I have eaten it, here in Nigeria by an amazing Chef
 Pistachio Financier.
Fruit Bouquet Celebration Cake and Italian Meringue Frosting and Almonds
What am I trying to say? Healthy living doesn’t have to be bland and you can really enjoy wholesome meals… After reading this, I can only imagine how you must feel,
  you don’t have to envy me, to taste all of this goodness then make your orders by calling this number+2348100711638, follow Live and blossom on Facebook, visit their website and you will definitely thank me later for introducing to a life of eating without guilt.
Photo credit: Live and Blossom