When it comes to giving birth, some people plan and some don’t, I know it wasn’t my planning that made babyJ and LadyA have a  2years plus age difference, it was just God saying, “This my child, let me just help you, if not you would have a baby every year.”


After the first child, everybody would ask you, do you want to space or you just want to give birth to another on? Most people would even advice against family planning after the first child but there have always been this battle for ladies, should I give birth to all my kids and just “rest’ or should I space them? Sometime ago, Mercy Johnson gave Birth to her third child and I remember Mr.Possible saying, “I don’t remember how Mercy Johnson looks without a bump, all i see about her on the news is that she is pregnant?” I know the media also had some things to say.

But that aside, what do you guys think, should someone just give birth to all the kids they want and ‘rest’ or should they do some spacing/family planning to catch their breathe?