I seriously had to give myself a date to come back on here because in as much as I want to blog everyday and I have topics to write on, the truth is, if you don’t set a date to materialize your plans you would never do it. Even last week, when the news of a lady who ran from her wedding as she realized the guy was lying about his financial status, was making it rounds online, I just wanted to scream that she is not wrong!!!!!  and churn out an article on what I thought…No matter how we put it, a marriage based on deceit is a very wrong foundation, it is already scary enough to marry a guy and trust God that he is all you know him to be in your dating years, then imagine marrying someone and on your wedding day, you find out he is lying about something as basic as what he does, what other surprises would you find out in the marriage? From the picture it seemed like they were begging her to come back in, oh! if I was there, I would have helped hold her gown so she would run faster,now that I have gotten that out of my chest… I really want to appreciate you guys for checking up on me, someone kept mailing me and I also got a mail yesterday that made me know that I have to keep writing, keeping talking and keep inspiring and keep entertaining. A lot has gone down in these past months and in the course of my writing, you would get to know more… I miss you guys and love you all. Let us do this together. Hugs&Kisses.