A lot of people have asked me this question over and over, how did you feel before your wedding? I remember a friend of mine called me just before her wedding saying, “Obehi I cannot understand how I feel. I am happy but tensed, I cannot wait to start this journey with him, I am sure he is the one but just tensed sha, is it normal?” I told her it is and explained some details to her about how I felt before my wedding… Months later, MrPossible and I were going through emails we exchanged with each other as phone was our first point of contact. We sent e-mails, chats and Skype each other often, as ours was a long distance relationship. We were looking through a lot of e-mails we sent to ourselves which was very romantic by the way, we quickly had to put babyJ to sleep and relive those moments, turned off the lights and we went from one e-mail to the other. Some made us mushy, some brought awww’s and some made us laugh…  We sat there listening to a song I sent to him. Long story short it was romantic, amazing and a lot of things. Guess what e-mail was the cracker? An email I sent to him a day before our wedding. I actually pinged it to him and he saved it on his email (pardon my spelling, it was done amidst tears). I remember lying on my bed that night as I shared a bed with my close friend as I filled her in on what MrPossible means to me and everything. I tried sleeping but I couldn’t. I turned and tossed around, I picked up my phone and as I typed this, I was shedding tears, I guess tears of joy. loool. Screenshot 2014-08-01 11_fotor  This is what the text says:
Hey baby, this is the hardest decision, I have had to make but the best decision which is spending the rest of my life with you. You’ve made the process easy by being who you are. Am not scared of starting my life with you because of all you’ve been, and who you’ve been. You have been a big brother, a best friend, a perfect match and a lovely person. I love my family but you are the biggest part of my life now, it still feels like a dream though, I could not sleep almost all night, not because I am scared of going with you but just that it's a new ground I’ve never thread on but with you, we would make our mistakes together, laugh at our flaws, fight and makeup. You complete me totally and so today I leave my family and totally give myself to you as a wife who would put you first before any other person, who would love you endlessly and will respect you for the rest of our lives, not forgetting that we are two imperfect people with our shortcomings. I love you today and forever will.. Your wife, Obehi Abgonifo


NB: Please don’t totally trust that I will not cry because there was no money involved and sending you this message, I have cried a lot.
Finally we got married that day and I could not believe it was for real. I could not believe that my dream man, the great guy for me, was mine forever! It was so unreal but perfect and I have not regretted a second with him…before I deviate… So you may feel tensed before the wedding, you may ask yourself “is this for real?” Or tell yourself “this has to be right. It’s forever o, we better not screw this up”. “I am scared or what if I am wrong?” All you guys have shared through the time you dated and the peace you feel within, would guide you in knowing if you have made the right choice. Some people may even be so excited, some overwhelmed and not think about it at all. Our emotions varies before the day and if you feel tensed or scared, just know so many of us has been there too. How did you feel a day before your wedding?