When Mrp and I were dating we kind of toured Lagos in our little way, Mr Possible was like a road map, when we are looking for a place to hangout, his friends would ask him and he seemed to know some latest hang out zone  and we were there to mark register. we could just get up and do our runs, then the kids started coming all of a sudden going out as a couple or even with our friends that are married became luxury, we stopped going out and finally focused on visiting each other, even little things like seeing a movie was a very golden opportunity, you see Mr.P loves to go out especially to see movies why on the other hand I can stay indoor to save my life.
Some weeks back we called our friends that just had their second kid and next thing we heard them say is they were going to the movies leaving Mr.P in shock, in short I had to tell them not to break my marriage, Mr.P gave me a look like, “is this not our mate?”
We finally decided to do a movie one day, we were so excited and tried to make the date night perfect, we fed babyJ on time, did almost everything she wanted and finally tried to put her to bed, as our plan was, as soon as she sleeps, we would sneak out and leave her with her Aunty but the kid wasn’t having any of that, the movie time was getting closer and closer, we gave up and decided to drop her with her Aunty awake so we can just go and have some fun because no child would this girl  to use her reggae to spoil whatever blues we have left.
As we packed her up for the night, we started calling her aunt’s name, the more we called, the more it echoed back to us, then Mr.Possible decided to call the aunt on her phone and what did she say” oh I did not know you planned to go out, I went out.” All the excitement left our faces, it was like someone slapped both of us at once, we were like two Michelin deflated tires, we just sat there with our shoes laced up, no one talking to the other but I am sure we were both thinking of a night that should have been
Have you ever planned to do something that got you so excited, all of a sudden it did not work out or have you ever had a date  night go wrong?