My then 2 year old, learnt how to turn the keys to doors and had been able to lock me in, lock my husband in and I wonder how she hasn’t locked herself yet. One evening, I was just relaxing and pretty much overwhelmed with how my day had gone and these kids would not let me be! so I sent them to go hug their dad, whom had come back from work but was sleeping because he was tired, I told them to hug him tight and tell him they love him, because i just wanted to get rid of them, they went to the room did as they were told and my two -year old came out almost immediately and turned the locks on the door while her sister was still talking to her dad. .

The room was dark and as soon as babyJ(my older daughter) realized that she has been locked in the dark room, she started freaking out and crying but i did not notice, her dad who was with her kept telling her, “don’t worry, I am here”, but she kept crying, he asked her what the problem was and she explained that she was locked, her dad kept saying “But Daddy is here” she got so inconsolable and started knocking the door, that was when i heard and came to “rescue” her, I saw that she had given up knocking and gone back to her dad but wouldn’t cuddle up with him, you could see the fear in her face, the anger as she burst into tears trying to report her sister to me, whom did not seem to understand what had happened. And Mr.P one more time said, but I was here with you. We tried to explain that nothing would have harmed or hurt her because her father was there, there was no need to fear. I heard he tried cuddling her when the room was locked but she broke free, she wanted to fix the problem and fix it right away!

Immediately the Holy spirit reminded me that Jesus was in the boat when there was turbulence, the disciples were still scared, if they had laid down by his side while he was sleeping and say “ well maybe we might all die together worse case scenario”, or if f they had entered into a cuddle with with him, the sea would have still calmed down. they forgot who was with them, broke out to try fix it and when they couldn’t they cried out , “Don’t you even care that we perish?” I can imagine JESUS saying in a calm voice “But I am here”

What situation are you going through, pain, hurt, loss of a loved one, rejection…no matter how sad it is, no matter how stressful it is, no matter how painful it is, even when it doesn’t make sense why this is happening to you, Jesus is telling you “But Daddy IS HERE” he is always by your side, he would never leave you nor forsake you, wherever you go, he is with you, even if you “lay your bed in hell” He is calling you into his cuddle, don’t break out of it, you cannot fix what you are going through yourself. Hold on, Daddy is here!