The world makes us think that we need to get to a certain place at a particular time, then we would have achieved greatness. If you check it out, we are constantly ticking boxes based on the expectation intentionally or unintentionally placed on us by society, friends, media etc when we tick that box, it is momentarily celebrated, hardly soaked in or enjoyed and then we are on the move to tick yet another box again. Our lives constantly become like a mouse running on the wheel- we never get to the end where we say we are satisfied. We may be content but we are certainly not fulfilled

I found myself in that space recently. Everything seemed to be going very great, I had ticked most of the boxes but I kept feeling empty, unsatisfied, angry  because even though I had things going well and I was so excited about those things, purpose kept tugging at my heart. Is this it? Shouldn’t there be more, what am I all about? There has got to be more!

If everything seem to be going well, yet you feel empty, that is purpose telling you, “you can be more”. I advice you go on that journey to self-discovery because you are not here by happenstance, you have a higher calling and until you get to that place, you may be content but not fulfilled; you can tick all the boxes, you may be momentarily happy but your journey to true joy and fulfillment starts when find your purpose(the reason you are here), not others expectation of your purpose, just yours!