My sister taught me this dish and it was the first dish I used to dazzle my husbands friends and trust me, they kept going for more and one even asked me to teach his wife…. Whenever I am tired of stew, I just make this sauce, not only is it healthy, it is very yummy( lick lips)


Spring onion


Onion (white onion preferably but I use anyone)

Chicken (I prefer using chicken thigh, it has just one bone therefore making it easy to chop)

Pepper (Tatache/bell pepper… this was the first time I added them to make the food look a bit colourful)

Normal pepper (Atarodo)- add to taste
prawns or shrimp (fresh shrimp is the best because it gives the food a taste that is totally amazing)

Garlic: added it for the first time, heard it has good health benefits so why not

Groundnut oil…not so much

Chicken stock

After everything added boil as long as desired from 20 to 30 minutes

How to prepare onion sauce

Chop your spring onion, leek, pepper, garlic etc


Spring onion and Leek

Steam your shrimp( you can add a little salt if you want)
Shrimp after boiling

De-shelled shrimp

Boil your chicken( if its a soft chicken you dont have to add water, just well spiced and boiled for a bit…your chicken should be chopped into small pieces so when you dish your food, you can take 10 small pieces and no one will judge you…lol)

Basic boiled skinless chicken( spiced with just onion,maggi, salt, curry…you don’t want to add too much)

You put your groundnut oil on fire for some time then add your red onion and pepper , you fry this longer because the onion and the pepper is the hardest of the vegetable and you want it soft not crunchy

Then you add the spring onion and lick, don’t worry if you dont see the oil just stir for a while and then add the meat stock and chicken

Add chicken, shrimp stock( you can rinse the shrimp with a bit of water so you will get all the sauce ) add chicken as well

Onion sauce with everything added except shrimps( you can add shrimps last)

Here is your onion sauce! Eat with a bowl of white rice, some people say yam but rice does it for me… Thank me later
Bowl of deliciousness