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This is a project close to my heart, where we would discuss the issues our society is silent about… issues people keep to themselves because they are scared or ashamed of the stigma associated with them. The range of such topics include domestic violence, child molestation (abuse), HIV/AIDS, rape, abortion amongst others. Readers are encouraged to share their experience anonymously.
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Girl sets herself ablaze outside police station after her attacker bribes police officer and is released

An 18 year old Pakistani teenager has died from her injuries after she set herself on fire outside a police station when police released her alleged rapist.DailyMail reports Aamna Bibi set herself alight outside the police station in Muzaffargarh district in Punjab province after her attacker managed to bribe himself free. She was rushed to […]

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Kidnapped nine-year-old was found in the rainforest seven months after her parents allowed their Bolivian neighbour to take her on holiday.

A nine-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped and held captive for seven months has been rescued from deep in the Amazon rainforest. The child, from Catalonia, Spain, went missing last August after her parents allowed their 35-year-old Bolivian neighbour, Grover Morales, to take her on holiday.Police were alerted when the pair could not be contacted […]

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Mother of two brutally murdered by boyfriend, three months into their relationship.

This is so sad! It’s amazing how much wickedness can be hidden behind a seemingly innocent face.According to DailyMail, 30 years old Emily Lambert, an elementary school teacher had traveled from her hometown in Garland, Texas, on Friday, to Carlsbad, New Mexico to visit her boyfriend Robert Earley for the weekend.Happy and excited, Emily called […]

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Housemaid accused of strangling her newborn baby before dumping her body down a garbage chute

A housemaid accused of strangling her newborn baby before dumping her body down a garbage chute insists that the infant was dead when it was born.Abu Dhabi Criminal Court heard the 26-year-old Ethiopian threw her newborn baby down a rubbish chute from the seventh floor of a residential building in Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi.Prosecutors said […]

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