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This is a project close to my heart, where we would discuss the issues our society is silent about… issues people keep to themselves because they are scared or ashamed of the stigma associated with them. The range of such topics include domestic violence, child molestation (abuse), HIV/AIDS, rape, abortion amongst others. Readers are encouraged to share their experience anonymously.
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My Life…My Story

This is a true life story by a blog visitor who wants me to share her story and according to her, she hopes this will encourage someone out there….The names used in this story has been changed. I dated this guy for 4 solid years, 4 years of being faithful, loving and anything a man […]

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Do I deserve to be raped because I wear revealing clothes?

Brazil is the country of Carnival and beaches, where dancers, performers and visitors dressed in revealing mini bikinis and outfits are seemingly the norm.Do women in revealing clothes deserve rape?Brazilians were asked this question in a survey conducted by their government’s Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA) survey – and most of the respondents answered […]

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Baby Factory Operator Defends her Business – How do you know the babies are fine after selling them? “I Just know”

I posted this story last week, if you missed it click here. Amazing what the factory operator said, to defend her business…39-year-old Angela Chidozie, who was arrested last week Friday by men of the Ogun State Police Command at a house she allegedly used as a ‘baby factory’ in Akute area of the state, in […]

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Justice for Naomi Oni?

Remember Naomi Oni? (left) ,If you don’t, see what I wrote about it here…Well she has gotten justice. Her friend ( right) was found guilty for causing the damage to her face and body via acid and has been sentenced to 12years in prison.If you have doubts about a friendship or don’t trust a friend, […]

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Say No to human trafficking!

A 17-year-old Nigerian girl Forester Samson (pictured above) was stabbed and burnt to death in Moscow, Russia by yet to be identified Russian gangsters, according to a report by Sunday Sun.This is so painful, this girl is pretty and too young to even go through anything like this…she was suppose to be protected by her […]

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Ambush, rape on Abuja pedestrian bridges

Dangerous zonesIn Abuja, the rapid growing Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria, they are ubiquitous. Some are for pedestrian crossing located on the high ways while many are built over-head for vehicles. Currently, many are in use just as there are others under construction. One of such pedestrian bridges under construction on major highways in […]

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