Marriage is an institution that we learn one or two things everyday, I would be sharing what I have learnt and I hope you would share yours too. There is also room for counselling incase you need it, Don’t hold back, there are people always here to advice and not judge you on anything, just send a mail to or whatsapp +2347063794406 and we will get back to you.

The day after!

Breakfast in bed! Toast and eggsOkay Valentine’s is over and some of us have stories to share on how the day went. I am hoping we were all made to feel special by our partners or we made others feel special. Did it all go the way we hoped it would? Do we have any […]

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Its all about you!!!!

Hey Guys!!! How are you doing? Thank you for always reading my blog and commenting, I really appreciate!   Guess what??? we are adding another section to this blog that will be just about you…Yes you! It is called ‘My Love Story’. We will be glad to hear the story of you and your fiancé/fiancée […]

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The Little Things

I had a friend spend a weekend in my house; it was very wonderful as she came with her fiancé. They got married that weekend and I was privileged to witness it (yep! I signed the wedding certificate). Just incase you do not know, I am crazy for romantic stuff so I paid close attention […]

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