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Its all about food, food and more food…I would review restaurants and food, put up food you guys sent in and put up food I have cooked…Anything that relates to food. You can send your recipes and pictures of your food to this email;

My new sauce and juicy pasta

JUICY PASTA AND MY NEW INVENTIONThe idea behind this foodWe went for a dinner on our anniversary (will put up that story soon) and watched this chef cook… Trust a foodie like me, whenever I eat something nice or tasty, I try to replicate it….So this food came as a result of trying to replicate […]

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Sweet and Irish potato porridge

A Picture of the potato porridge in the potI know a lot of us know how to cook porridge and must have tried different styles… well this is my potato porridge …I pretty much learnt this from my mother-in-law and tried it out and of course it was yummy…The picture speaks for itself…Not only is […]

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Thank you for the recipe.

Thanks bride2mom! You made my day. I wanted something different to host my hubby’s friends so I saw this yesterday afternoon and quickly went to a grocery shop near home… I made it for lunch and it was so yummy.. Thanks a lot, God bless!If you missed that post click here

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Banana cake by Oyinkan Aladesuyi

Ingredients for Banana Cake: 150g self raising flour 1 over ripe banana or 2 really ‘really’ small ones 150g caster sugar (super fine compared to granulated sugar) 125g butter 2 Large eggs 60ml milk 2 drops vanilla essence(optional)Preparation:*Preheat oven at 170ºC* Melt the butter, leave it to soften at room temperature prior to baking time.*Then […]

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Chicken onion sauce

My sister taught me this dish and it was the first dish I used to dazzle my husbands friends and trust me, they kept going for more and one even asked me to teach his wife…. Whenever I am tired of stew, I just make this sauce, not only is it healthy, it is very […]

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