There was a season in my daughter’s life where she kept asking, mummy do you love me? The first time she did t, I was so worried because i wasn’t sure where the question came from, I immediately sat her down and told her how much i loved her, how nothing could change it and all the promises you could give a five year old, i gave it to her. another after scolding her, she asked the same question, mummy do you love me? this time with a shaky voice and again i told her how much i love her but was not happy with what she did. I realized she only asked this question when she does something wrong, when i scold her or when i ask them to give me some time alone and it dawned on me, this is how as christians we keep asking God “but do you love me” Just the way my love is not tied to how badly or nicely my daughter behaves, that is exactly the same way , God’s love is not tied to the good things you do, he does not stop loving you, when you make mistakes, so instead of sulking in a corner and asking God if he still loves you after all you have done wrong, apologize to him and move on in his love, his love is not fickle, it is based on who you are and not what you do, it is a love that is unchanging and stems out from relationship and connection of you being his child…That is the love of a father.