Hi admin,


I will be 25 years this April and my boyfriend will be 28 years by March, we met in school and were friends for a year before we decided to take our friendship to the next level. We’ve been in relationship for a year and two weeks,we love each other. He graduated last year june and ever since then he comes to see me in school, mind you we are both staying in ibadan and we saw each other last on dec 12 2014. I have not gone back to school because I am doing my industrial training and since we are both in ibadan I thought we will be able to see often but we haven’t seen each other for almost three months and when I ask him when we are going to see, he said “he is not bouyant that when he get some cash we are going to see” Is it normal for him to behave like that? This is someone that we chat and call each other but lately if I don’t chat with him first he won’t chat with me and it is also going to two weeks since he has called me though I call him when I have credit. Yesterday i decided not to chat with him and I did not call him to see maybe he will call or chat when he did not see my msg online but he did not. He keeps saying he loves me and we are going to see soon, he even sent me a love message on vals day. Does the guy love me as he claims? Please ma I need your advice and I will be glad if you reply my message. Thanks and God bless.