You know when you love someone, you show them in every way that you are crazy about them and I understand that because love is a verb, it is not just in the words, it is also in the act but lately I have been thinking can you love somebody too much that they become spoilt? images (2) My friend and I were gisting about  what we do, did , still do and don’t for our spouse since we got married and she told me how she was told  not to  do some things like breakfast before he goes to work and other things if not the man will get spoilt and start expecting her to do it everyday. I know a man can get used to being taken care of and expect it  all the time  but a nice man wont make a fuss about it  when it doesn’t come as usual. My question is do you think, showing someone you love him so much by making him extra comfortable is a bad thing and can they really get spoilt? What are the things not to do to spoil our men?