Pregnancy diaries is a segment  where women share their pregnant stories of how they found out they were having a child, how they shared it with their spouse, birth experience etc. If you would love to share yours like our reader below, then do us a mail at In secondary school biology we are taught that gestation period in humans is nine months. In prenatal class we learn that pregnancy is 40weeks (plus or minus 2weeks). If you get to 40 weeks and have to wait that 2 weeks you would understand that pregnancy is a lifetime. I had my first baby in 2014 at 40 weeks via a C-section. She was breach but I kept hoping she would turn. My doctors however didn’t allow me practice this faith past week 40. In fact, I was booked at 37 weeks but managed to push till week 39 when the fatigue got real. Baby number 2 was due on the 5th of February and I planned having a Vaginal Birth. My baby presented head first very early and everything pointed to the fact that it was possible. My doctors were pretty excited they always want to debunk the idea that a C-section meant one couldn’t deliver per vagina. I was excited too as I didn’t have a very pleasant recovery experience from my first C-section so I dreaded having another. I went for a confirmatory scan at 37 weeks just to be sure she was still head down and yea she was. At 38weeks she had moved further down and my doctor said see you in labour ward later this week (I wish hahaha). By 39 weeks I was so exhausted there are actually no words to describe how fatigued I was. You could tell by just looking at me and trust Yoruba people… Pele! became my middle name. My doctors insisted everything had to happen naturally since my first was a Caesarean. However, they weren’t going to let me pass 40weeks so I needed to do things that would naturally induce labour. I googled up exercises that could help. I walked, more like trekked! Did squats, climbed stairs and baby girl didn’t budge. By week 40 exhaustion had hit me so bad, if I went into labour I don’t think I would have been able to push. I wanted my doctors to get her out but it was their turn to exercise faith. He said lets give you another week, I am sure she is going to come this week. Lol. We eventually got her out on the 15th of Feb 2018, at 41 weeks plus 3 days. That extra one week was like an entire generation, but when I saw my child it was totally worth it. I mean I didn’t forget all the trekking but I forgave her and even thanked her for not coming because the lady I shared a room with in the hospital delivered per vaginal birth and had 3rd degree tear, the pain… Jeez! I have always overlooked the saying that no 2 pregnancies are the same. For me this was confirmation. The only thing that was the same was my glow ( I swear I look good in pregnancy) Everything else was different and the recovery from the second was like magic. I can’t even thank God enough.