Did you guys know that December 31st was my Birthday and also the original anniversary of the birth of bride2mom, that is 2014, Yep bride2mom is 5 years, she is getting old and I haven’t shown her as much love as I would have loved to, but the slate is clean and we are starting over because every time I felt like giving up, I just couldn’t, it is a part of me, so we shall be celebrating this blog every year on her birthday. Before I forget my gist, so it was my birthday, the last day of the year and for the first time since I got married to Mr. Possible, I told him I did not want any gift or celebration or even surprise because this year, I wanted to reflect. If you know Mr. Possible, he loves to do grand surprises for me on my birthday and he is so good that you cannot guess or predict what he would do. My last birthday was a treasure hunt guys, this boy, scattered gift all over the house and gave me riddles that I pretty much had to decode, to know where to search for the gift, I felt like a baby in a scavenger hunt and it was so exciting and  guess who was excited too? The girls. Lady A and Baby J. I shall share that gist later. Back to the birthday gist, I told him up to three times that I did not need anything, and bobo listened very well. A day to my birthday, I did not feel anything in the atmosphere, when it was 12 am, we were still awake, this boy said happy birthday and prayed for me with love and kisses, then he left the room to go do something, all my mind was that I would have gifts soon but nothing showed up. Chineke! My chest almost started paining me, but is it not me that said i don’t want gift kwa? I woke up in the morning, to see he had already left the bed, stretched my hands and it did not touch any gift, ha! maybe he is packaging it in the office, I did not want to get up and see that he wasn’t, so my heart would not just fall into pieces. So because i said i don’t want gift, he did not get gift ehn? Men of nowadays! I checked my phone and saw an alert from him, even though money is good, I am already spoiled with the grand gestures but the boy did not. I had to advice myself that I asked for this and there was a good reason…loll! Mr.Possible later strolled in the room and after saying Happy Birthday again,I was searching his face to see if he was just being funny and maybe hid gift somewhere, I gave up when bobo laid beside me and started gisting and asked “why didnt you really want a gift?” after my explanation, he went out of the room and came back with a cake, he came with my excited daughters, they sang to me, we later went out to dinner and it was time to go to church. Please can someone tell him that i miss those grand surprises on my birthday and yes he better start planning now because I am sure at the next birthday, I would be looking for gifts that would fix last year and this year lolll!  Don’t worry i have learnt to reflect with gifts and surprises.