Am I the only one who stalks people pages when they just die, I want to see the life they lived, the love they shared, listen to the words they spoke and have an inkling into their thought, did they know they would pass? Were they okay with it, what was their last minute like? Did they beg for more time or were they at peace with the winds of death? These and many more question I try to answer by looking at their information, what people also said about them… while I try to understand why people die as I am pained at the death of the young. Yesterday,  the news of Tosyn Bucknor Death was everywhere, she was a Nigerian On Air Personality that had this larger than life personality and was amazing through and through, from the testimonies her friends shared of her. I had seen her wedding online and instantly fell in love with her and was like ‘who is that girl!!!! ” It would have been amazing if I met her while she was alive. Mr.Possible had to tell me to get off the internet, as I kept going over Tosyn Bucknor page to learn more about the life she lived and  all the things people had to say about her. I woke up with an overwhelming sadness asking these questions that has haunted me all my life, why do people die at a young age? Most times, they had a  full life, enjoyed life, were not ready to go and still has so much left for to do. I remember losing a childhood friend and months after that, my mum was coming over to United kingdom to do a life threatening procedure, I pretty much died a thousand time, I couldn’t pray for her to make it through, because it just seemed like, I had no role to play in this and that fate could just play a cruel joke on me. She made it out of that surgery alive, healthy and I dug deeper to know God. I know it is not God’s will for anyone to die, it doesn’t give God joy for any of his kids to die, so what is going on? What about the promises in the bible? These are questions that keep me up at night or whenever I see another young promising life snuffed out by death. What are those questions about life that keeps you up at night?