“There is nothing as beautiful as a girl who knows herself, getting married to a guy who has also found himself…”  Guess what? You cannot totally know yourself or have found yourself before you get married. loll! but it is absolutely brilliant to have a great sense of worth. As a single girl, you might have known a bit of yourself, what you love and what you don’t love, what you can condone and what you cant, your preference etc but until you are put in a different situation like marriage , then you would see another part of you that you never realized was there so I rephrase “there is nothing as beautiful as a couple that have a good sense of worth of themselves individually” so you guys both know that you are lovely people that decided to love each other regardless and no one feels like the other is doing them a favour. Let us build your sense of worth shall we?
  • You are good enough
  • Time is on your side
  • You add value and you are never a liability even if you become a stay at home mom
  • Even when they say good men are scarce, you are are attracted to the rare good men.
  • No one is doing you a favour to marry you
  • Please don’t settle
My husband’s cousin came over to my house and every time we gist about relationship, as we were talking about what some men are doing to ladies we know, she went, “obee, you are talking this way because you are married to one of the best men in the world” trust me, she says this all the time and she went on to say ” if you were not married to him ehn…” I cut her off immediately and told her ” I would have married another very great man” This is not to boast, God was good to me. I did not know myself totally but I had a great sense of worth guys! I knew I would not just settle with anyone and when I finally choose someone, he would be worth it and he would know I am  value added to him as well. I want you to see yourself that way too. You add value, no one is doing you a favour by getting married to you, so please don’t settle.