What energy do you bring into a room?

I have been thinking lately, what vibe do I give people when they meet me?  how do they perceive me? What about you?  Do you know talking to someone for one minute, you can sense a little bit of their self worth? I have realised that most of us give a negative energy the first two minutes of discussion, not to conclude but most times your perception of yourself  can be deduced from the first 2-3 minutes of a discussion.

Even from a simple ‘How are you?’ You would hear ” I am just there, I am fine o, I am okay o’ what happens to “I am doing great!, I am fine?”

There are also people that as soon as you compliment them, they kill that compliment by showing you 100 things that are wrong with them, that you never even noticed, It is a self-esteem issue boo, Why don’t you just say thank you? 

I use to be so proud of my humility, whenever I do someone a favor or I do something that is appreciated and they say thank you, I say thank you too, lollll! What was i even saying thank you to them for? because God forbids I say “you are welcome” then i may feel like I am a proud girl…hehehehe. Instead of graciously accepting their gratitude , I would appreciate them, I felt that way, they would know I am humble, why the heck did I feel the need to make people think I am humble?

Look here beautiful, it is okay to own an accolade given to you, it doesn’t make you a proud person. Own it! I know someone that when you say thank you he goes “always mention” and I always thought “really?” until i learnt to receive gratitude, apology, compliments and everything nice.  So please, when asked how you are doing answer with a smile, when complimented, accept it and when appreciated with thanks, a beautiful ‘you are welcome’ is good enough.

Give a positive vibe, own the accolades, You deserve it!