Just Jump!

My brother in-law came over some days ago to spend the night and he was telling me about my niece and nephew (his kids) and their swimming abilities .He told me how my nephew is not afraid of the deep-end but my niece, who is also a good swimmer never swims without the floater. They went to the pool one day, while swimming she wanted to go to the deep end but my brother in-law refused because he felt it might not be safe (he also doesn’t swim in the deep end)  so he told her it was better she stayed in the shallow end with the floater which was her surety. They stayed in the shallow end, while my nephew kept swimming at the deep end, jumping from the spring board and having the time of his life.

When they finally came out of the pool, they discovered that the floater they thought was my niece sure safety was deflated and she had been swimming the whole time on her own. What is that floater holding you back? Is it fear, hurt, shame? God wants you to know that you swim very well without the floater and he alone is your safety. Don’t allow that floater hold you back, don’t allow those that cannot swim in the deep end hold you back. You can do it! 

God is promising you that that shame and embarrassment would not happen again, launch into the deep, his glory would cover you. God has equipped you with all you would need, the floater you are holding is deflated, COME OUT of it AND SWIM, you are equipped enough for what he has called you for. Oh yes! You would learn more as you launch out into the deep but you can be sure that he would never leave you nor forsake you. Climb on that springboard and jump into the deep end, and just know God has got you. Take that floater off, take that excuse off, you are ready!! JUMP!