Perspective is simply someone looking from a different view point. Even though it is good to get a few close people’s perspective when you want to make a move, it is mostly important that it doesn’t stop you from being all you have been called to be.  People would always have an opinion about you or what you are about to step into, don’t let whatever they say stop you.

My neighbor’s kids (5 and 3years old) came over recently and were playing with alphabets across each other while I was babysitting then an argument broke out

5 year old- why are you arranging the alphabet upside down

3 year old- No I am not

5 year old- you are!!!!! ( trying to turn it the right way)

3 year old- I am not!!!! (Turning it back with a frown on her face) absolutely sure she was right.

At this point the 5 year old had folded her arms in anger that her sister wasn’t listening. Then I told her to look at it from where her sister was at, which was across her, it immediately made sense to her,She was just viewing it from a different angle. Lessons learnt The 3year old was defiant and did not allow her sister muddle up what she saw.She fought for what she believed and stood her ground. The 5year old finally saw her kid sister was right!Just know people would finally come around, not that is matters, but if you believe in what you are about to do, do it with doggedness, ward off negativity . You may not be able to explain your dreams and goals to everyone for them to see it the way you see it. But if you are sure,then keep at it, it would be explain itself when it comes to fusion. Remember the big sister was the one telling her younger sister what was right, but the little girl held on to what she could see, she had a clearer view that her sister could not see. The little sister did not go‘oh she is bigger than me, she probably knows what she is saying’, She held on to what she could see.Have you allowed anyone’s perspective ruin your plans or break you down? It doesn’t matter the authority they have in your life or in life generally, if you believe what you have ,then be ready to fight through the clog of perspectives,approvals, negativity and also YOURSELF